What it Means to Live a Cruelty-Free Way of Life & Why I Went Raw Vegan

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Cesar Chavez quotes… 

“Only when we have become non-violent towards all life will we have learned to live well ourselves.”

He’s right.

We cannot expect to live a life filled with peace and love, if we are not filled with love or at peace ourselves.  It’s in loving and being non-violent toward all living beings, including ourselves, that we can create a life of peace, love, and overall well-being.

Have you ever looked into an animal’s eyes, stopped to feel their energy, or noticed their behavior in response to your presence?

If you have a dog, a cat or some kind of pet, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. They’re smart and sense our energy. They each have their own unique personality. It’s what makes them special.

And that’s the same for ALL animals.

When I look into the eyes of an animal, I see a living being who breathes the same air I breathe. I see a friend with the great willingness to love unconditionally. I feel a soul with a heartbeat just like mine.

When we accept that we are all living beings who share the same planet and breath the same air, we create peace and love all around us and we conquer the ignorance that surrounds us.

A life well lived is a life on purpose, in well-being, in peace and love for all of God’s creations. Imagine what this world would be like if we all lived with compassion, love for all, in contagious action, and conscious living?

It would be like heaven on earth… Don’t you think?

I wasn’t always raw vegan. I was a huge meat eater. I used to love filet-mignon and ribeye steaks. I ate chicken and seafood the most because at the time, I thought, they were the healthiest “protein” options.  Cooked food dominated my plate and in feeding my daughter, the same. Again, thinking I was doing the right thing.

Unlike most who go vegan as a result of unforeseen circumstances with health or near death experiences, for me it was more out of fear of being hit with cancer or any other disease that could potentially paralyze my life, keep me from doing all the things I enjoy, and most importantly, keep me from being there for my family. I saw so many around me, including friends and family, being diagnosed with cancer, dying at very young ages, fighting depression, anxiety, or struggling to survive due to health complications.

It broke my heart to see those I love and cared about having to deal with what I knew could have been prevented. I didn’t want to be next. So, I made it my mission to become a certified holistic nutrition and natural health practitioner, learn everything I possibly could, then apply it, and in turn be able to share my knowledge with the world so that if there is a chance that I could help one person heal, reach optimal health, and change their life for the better, I know that my work and journey here on earth would all be worth it.

As I learned more about veganism, animal rights, and saving the planet, it was no longer just about health or well-being, it also became about supporting the animals and our planet. Although I have always been a huge animal lover, it never really clicked with me the hell these selfless, voiceless, defenseless beings go through for the selfish benefits of the human race.

It’s been a life changing experience for me and to know that I have already inspired so many and continue to in even the smallest way, makes me never want to stop.

There is no greater way to live your life than to lead by example, be a voice for the voiceless, and love the world in its entirety.

Rachel Carson states it well…

“Until we have the courage to recognize cruelty for what it is – whether its victim is human or an animal – we cannot expect things to be much better in this world.  We cannot have peace among men whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or tolerates such moronic delight in killing, we set back the progress of humanity.”

We each have the ability to change at any given time. Who we were yesterday is not who we have to be, today.

Be the change. It has a trickling effect and you never know who’s paying attention or following your lead!

Dabbling with the idea of transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle? Take my free 7-Day Go Green Challenge and learn to ease your way into it cruelty-free without deprivation, portion control, or restrictions.

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Love, peace, and leafy greens,

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