How Creating Change is a Psychological Mind Game

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I’m all about creating change and making things happen. But the fact is, you can’t just talk about it; you have to be about it and continuously taking action toward your goals.  The one thing I’ve learned is that without change, you remain stagnant in all areas of your life.  Change is imperative in order for growth to take place.

So, how do we create it without feeling like it’s something we have to do?

The act of creating change is really a psychological mind game. Think about that for a minute…

When you don’t put so much thought into changing or giving something up and just start by adding in versus taking away, without realizing it, you’ll begin to make adjustments because you want to, instead of the dreaded feeling of I have to.

You find yourself naturally continuing to fuel the behavior that is giving you the results of what’s working (because it’s making you feel good) and voluntarily begin reducing what isn’t.

You see how it works?

For example, when you think about the idea of having to stop eating your favorite chocolate loaded cheesecake so that you can create healthier habits, your mind quickly shuts it down. I mean, who wants to give up chocolate cheesecake for a healthy habit anyway?!

When you don’t give it too much thought and focus solely on the desired outcome, let’s say, your ideal body weight or ideal muscle mass, you become more receptive and inclined to take actionable steps toward that outcome, than you would otherwise.

It all boils down to what you choose to focus on…  Where focus goes, energy flows!

You see, when your focus goes toward the idea of removing something that disrupts your state of comfort, it changes your complete outlook. You start to think of the outcomes you think could potentially play out, which are usually those of negative thought and the least desired.  It’s enough to quickly turn you off to change, unless you redirect that focus toward the outcome you truly want, which in turn, changes your state of mind.

And the truth is, your state of mind is what leads the way; either in the direction of what you want to happen or what you “think” might happen, whether you’re conscious of it or not. So, pay close attention to the thoughts that make their way into your head because, they will either make you or they will break you.

Practice making a conscious attempt to focus on one thing you truly desire… think about how reaching that outcome will make you feel and make strides toward consciously staying in that “feel good” state.  Then when you master that desired outcome, move on to the next, and the next after that. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to not only creating healthier habits all around you but in creating the life you love and deserve in the process!

Remember, it’s all psychological.  A psychological mind game that only YOU can control.

Your Turn: What positive change are you making in your life? Post it in the comments below!

Until the next one!

Love and light change creators!
Sandra xo

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