Collagen Boosting Smoothie for Anti-Aging and Healthy Looking Skin

Collagen is the key function in our body that produces elasticity and keeps us looking young, vibrant and healthy. It’s all about boosting your body’s natural ability to produce collagen and not interfering with it’s natural process.

I’ll be sharing with you what I do to boost collagen and a special smoothie recipe that is not only loaded with collagen boosting properties but is also a perfect and healthy post-workout protein smoothie as well! 

For women, collagen is definitely a hot topic. Especially as we age and start seeing those unwanted signs of aging. 

I often have people ask me what they can take as a collagen supplement to help regain elasticity, prevent sagging, wrinkles and well, pretty much aging in general. 

And, well, we all want that, right?  

While there is no magic pill or miracle wand to wave that’ll get rid of the wrinkles and make you look young again, the good news is there IS an alternative to reduce the cracks and slow down the aging process. 

For starters, it isn’t going to be any of the highly priced topical creams on the market claiming to make you look young again. 

Those are just money making ploys targeting your pain points to get you to buy their products. 

Trust me.. I used to fall for this every time a new product would come to market. Especially when it came to stretch marks. That was my biggest problem after my pregnancy and NOTHING worked. 

It was a complete waste of money! 

Same with acne scars… I tried anything I could find and again, nothing worked so trust me when I say, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

A little bit of history

📸 Photo credit: Florida’s Historic Coast

In the 16th century, Ponce De Leon set out for Florida to search for the Fountain of Youth which later became a HUGE part of history which people then flocked to see.

Hence, the Fountain of Youth attraction in St. Augustine – the oldest city in the US. in case you didn’t know.

The conflicting story is that Ponce De Leon was later told by Native Americans that the Fountain of Youth was in Bimini – The Bahamas. 

Have you seen those waters?? They’re beautiful!

The reason I’m telling you this is because living a raw, plant based  lifestyle is often referred to as diving into the fountain of youth which is known to be … 

The Fountain of Youth is a mythical spring that restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters.

Here’s the correlation… Raw living food is life and contains the purest form of water in existence so eating or drinking the lusciousness from the earth is guaranteed to yield amazing results.  

But since the history of the Fountain of Youth came about, there have been many products that have claimed to reverse the signs of aging. So you may see this being used quite often. 

In fact, Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer wrote a book called Skinny Dipping in the Fountain of Youth which I highly recommend checking out. 

She will amaze you with her youthfulness at the age of 61 and is a good example of how eating raw can rejuvenate the cells and keep you feeling vibrant and alive at any age!

We’ve been connected on Instagram for a few years now and she is just something special so be sure to check her out here.

It’s no secret that as we get older, our body tends to slow down the natural production of collagen. It’s all a part of the aging process. 

However, if we put our part to help our body naturally produce its own collagen, we can slow it down and help activate cell rejuvenation for healthier, vibrant and more youthful looking skin – all done, right within your own body and through the body’s natural process. 

We can do this by being more conscious of what we fuel our bodies with. Starting with incorporating as much raw living food into your diet as possible. 

Raw food should dominate and be the biggest portion on your plate. Whether it’s in the form of a smoothie, a juice or a salad. 

Get it in there one way or another because this is what’s gonna give your cells life and bring your dull, fatigued skin back to life and into glowing status!

There are plenty of plant based foods to help boost your body’s natural ability to produce collagen and THAT is what you want. 

You don’t want highly processed artificial supplements that have no nutritional value, you want as much raw living plant food in your system to boost your body’s essential functions and get them moving again!

Eating a variety of plant based foods vibrant in color will provide you with the essential vitamins and minerals to help promote collagen production. 

Specifically plant food high in vitamin C, zinc, manganese, vitamin A and copper which are the building blocks for restoring collagen and elastin in your body. 

Now, if you’re someone who has a hard time getting in a sufficient amount of fruits and veggies, a supplement can be used to help give you that extra push. 

My go to right now is Sunwarrior Collagen Building Protein Peptides which is loaded with all kinds of plant-based goodness. 

It’s soy free, has no sugar added, it’s gluten and dairy free, non-GMO and vegan.

It also contains –

Hyaluronic acid which enhances the body’s ability to produce and use collagen for smooth, supple skin

Essential minerals such as copper to help regulate both collagen and elastin, biotin which serves to increase the growth of cells, promoting the strength of hair, skin and nails

Kale and spinach

Vitamin C from Amla Berry and Sea Buckthorn a mandatory co-factor in collagen synthesis

Tremella Mushroom which serves to rejuvenate and maintain skin elasticity and promotes cell regeneration

It also includes the ever so potent, Spirulina which is a nutrient dense food comprised of 65% amino acids and excellent protein source

Peptides from fermented rice which are the building blocks of collagen production and hydrates at a cellular level to nourish the skin

Silica from bamboo which is the richest source of silica for healthy bones, teeth, nails and thick hair

As you can see the benefits are abundant. And, although I don’t need help getting my fruits and veggies in, an additional boost is a major plus.

Not only for a collagen and protein boost but for joint support as well. Plus it gives my smoothies a yummy taste.😋

Now let’s dive into the recipe!

For this delicious collagen boosting smoothie, I am going to be using a perfect blend of powerhouse components that will not only help beautify your skin, hair and nails, it will also help power up your immune system and overall health.

For the ingredients, I used… 

A 1 inch piece of Aloe Vera gel which is a key component rich in 18 amino acids as well as B and C vitamins that help fight off free radicals responsible for causing the unwanted wrinkles in our skin. 

½ Pineapple which is packed with vitamin C and powerful antioxidants that prevents premature aging to keep wrinkles from developing too soon.

It also helps to fight sun damage AND increases collagen synthesis to help boost elasticity and keep your skin from sagging while promoting younger looking, glowing skin. 

1 Orange which comes with 83 milligrams of vitamin C and serves as an essential source for collagen production. 

1 cup of mixed berries which come loaded with antioxidants and pack a powerful punch to help fight free radicals and boost naturally producing collagen and elasticity. 

Don’t underestimate the power of these little bitties! 

1 Apple – also a collagen boosting ingredient to always have on hand. You’ve heard the saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” – In this case, the plastic surgeon! 

Apples offer more bang for your buck than you think and come packed with high levels of collagen and elastin which are both essential for slowing down the aging process. 

In turn, keeping you looking young, vibrant, and healthy much longer. Specifically, Granny Smith and Red Delicious type apples. 

Next, I added a scoop of the Sunwarrior Collagen Builder.

I usually always opt for the Tahitian vanilla because I love the way it tastes but in trying the Salted Caramel I’ve since fallen in love with it! 

It is soooo good and delicious! 

Finally, I added in a ¼ cup of distilled water. Then, blended it until it was smooth and creamy. 

I topped it off with a tbsp of chia seeds and a ¼ cup of thawed out frozen mixed berries and if you’d like, add in a couple of sliced kiwi in addition to the berries for an additional 128 milligrams of vitamin C to give your body an extra dose for collagen.

I was out of kiwi so I didn’t add these in but normally, I’ll cut up a couple of kiwi either into slices or chunks and add them to my breakfast or post-workout smoothie. 

I kept this smoothie simple with ingredients that would be easy to get and so you can see how easy it is to fuel your body with raw plant based nutrition that helps to boost collagen production. 

For the chia seeds, I made a video a couple of weeks ago on how and where you can find these specialty ingredients at discounted prices.  If you missed it, be sure to give it a watch HERE

Keep in mind that Sunwarrior Collagen Builder does NOT contain collagen, but rather promotes your own body’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin for younger and healthier looking skin. THAT is what you want – Au naturale! 

This smoothie is not only healthy and highly beneficial for collagen, it’s a great protein and energy booster as well!  

The total protein in this smoothie is about 23 grams! Not bad, huh? 

Boosting collagen and getting enough protein in when living a raw plant based lifestyle, is not something you ever have to worry about. 

The proof is in the plants! 

Collagen boosting smoothie recipe


1 inch piece of Aloe Vera gel
½ Pineapple 
1 Orange
1 cup of mixed berries 
1 Apple  
1 scoop of the Sunwarrior Collagen Builder Salted Caramel
¼ cup of distilled water
1 tbsp chia seeds (topping)
1/4 thawed out frozen mixed berries (topping)


– Blend in your Vitamix or high speed blender of choice until smooth and cream. 

– Top off with chia seeds and mixed berries.

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