Classy Vegan Style You’ll Fall In Love With

Buying products for the greater good that are non-harming to animals or that eliminate the use of animal derived ingredients isn’t something we normally think about. At least not consciously. I know I never did but it wasn’t intentional. It’s what we become accustomed to doing and how we behaviorally adapt with what we learn by those that surround us. We conform unconsciously. 

It wasn’t up until I transitioned into the raw vegan lifestyle that I became more conscious about the purchases I would make. It became more than just being conscious about the foods I would eat but how I lived my life as well. That’s why I always say, it’s more than just food, it’s a LIFESTYLE – A complete lifestyle shift that you must be willing to take part in if you want to live your life intentionally and consciously. It’s a journey of ‘being’ and inspiration where all parts are interconnected – Mind, body and spirit. 

All it takes is the willingness to learn and allow yourself to become educated rather than just looking the other way. That is exactly what you do when you intentionally support an industry that brings excruciating, unjust harm to beautiful, loving and kind animals that get exploited for their fur, skin, feathers, and all other parts of their little bodies all to create a product for our pleasure. It’s 100% wrong and in no way right in the least. 

If your child, niece, nephew, grandchildren or fur baby was in danger and you knew they were being unjustly tortured and abused, would you turn your head and act like it wasn’t happening or would you do everything in your power to stop the harm being done to them? Think about that for a minute. Putting it in perspective sounds different, right? Well, it’s the same thing. Animals feel, they hurt and they don’t deserve the evil and cruel acts done to them. 

It’s up to us to help them in every way possible by putting an end to animal cruelty – one action step at a time. All you have to do is stop supporting an unconscionable industry that is fueled by money instead of love and compassion. And God knows that is what we all need more of now more than ever. 

It is my intention to continue to share with you ideas and products that promote love and compassion but still provide you with the quality lifestyle looks and pleasures you seek. You’d be surprised at how many options are out there between food and life-style that are vegan and cruelty free. Stick around and I’ll continue to show you because there are a ton. THAT is definitely something to feel good about!

Now how about these handbags and shoes… How cute are these?! I would never have been able to tell they weren’t leather. My fave is obviously the Cher Mini Signet in pink. So cute! I also love the Nae Bline black boots which are currently on sale. If you want more of a casual and simpler look, the Hamilton Crossbody Signet is perfect and a big 5-star hit. If you don’t like the beige, there are other color options to choose from too from either the best sellers or the new arrivals which are gorgeous!

Let me know what you think! 🙂


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