Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Farm

Our first time going to get our first ever Christmas tree directly from a tree farm in the mountains was back in 2014 and it was the best experience we’ve ever had. We loved it so much we went back the next couple of years after that until we ended up buying an artificial tree

But earlier this week, Melissa and I got to talking about her tree and we thought, why not go back to a tree farm? So, on the spur of the moment, we decided to make it a go and headed up to the mountains to choose and cut her tree. 

Before heading up, Melissa called around to see what prices were like in comparison to the local tree lots. Turns out, she was only able to reach one – Long’s Tree Farm which worked out better than we expected because it was one of the best tree farms we’ve ever been to. 

It’s a quaint family owned farm with great hospitality and the tree farm itself is awesome!! 

They also had handmade wreaths they made the night before that looked so fresh and full I couldn’t resist taking one home with me. I bought a 12” wreath which looked like a 20” and it was only $20! 

The trees were also reasonably priced compared to the surrounding farms. 

You definitely can’t beat the price of personally hand picking your own tree from a Christmas tree farm versus the local tree lots where pricing is astronomical these days. But best of all, the experience is priceless!

We had such a great time searching for this year’s tree and realized how much we missed doing this. We will definitely be back again next year, God willing of course.

Have you ever been to a tree farm? 


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