Changing Hearts Farm Animal Sanctuary

Meet Willow

This is Hunter. Hunter is one of the rescue dogs on the farm and leader of the pack! He is the sweetest baby and so lovable.

Stella and Melissa

This is Lily. Stella’s protector and the farm as well. She makes her rounds at night to check on everyone. So cute!

Meet Zeek

Meet Daffy

Me, Rich and Carolyn

Over the weekend I visited Changing Hearts Farm in Boiling Springs, NC for the first time. It’s an animal sanctuary I have been wanting to visit for a while now but then covid hit and well, you know how it all went down after that. 

The farm is owned by Rich and Carolyn Solan who were inspired after going vegan, facing a health scare and learning the truth about factory farming. Their story is an inspiration. And if you get a chance to visit, they will tell you all about it.

You can read more about the Solans here.

Melissa and I had a great time visiting Changing Hearts Farm. We fell in love with Willow the piggie who is kind of like the farm’s mascot. Lol. She welcomes you with her happy heart and entices you to give her belly rubs… Her favorite!! We couldn’t get enough of her. She’s such a sweet, sweet baby. You can’t help but love her! 

We also met Sunshine, Willie and Jimmy the pigs who still struggle with people so we had to keep our distance from them. This makes me sad. It’s like when a rescue dog has been through trauma from neglect and abuse that they have a hard time adapting to a new environment. Same thing. It’s sad for any animal to have to endure such trauma in their lives from humans who have no right to it. Times are changing though, so I am hopeful that people will open their minds and continue to learn about animal cruelty and the truth behind the plate. 

I’m grateful for activists like Earthling Ed, Leah Doellinger and Soul Eubanks who are making a huge difference advocating for the animals. I am inspired by every post. 

When we met Zeek and Zephyr the cows, we were shocked at how big they are. They’re like big teddy bears – loving, kind and so sweet. I used to be afraid of cows and intimidated by their size thinking they would bite or hurt me. Not in the least. If anything, they love giving big ole’ sloppy kisses! Lol. 

Stella and Lily are the horses who have become best friends. Sadly, Stella’s time is limited. The poor baby has a tumor. I don’t know too much about it but from what I understand, there’s not much more the vet can do for her so sadly, it’s just a matter of time. On the bright side, she is living out the rest of her life in great care with love and compassion from all those around her. That’s a blessing.

We also got to see the chickens that were rescued from what was considered a “humane” meat farm. The killing of an animal and involuntary slaughter of any kind is not humane. 

I was appalled at how big they are. It’s not something we ever see. These poor babies were genetically manipulated to disgustingly grow large in size over a short time-span. Makes me so sick to my stomach. Sadly, because of this, their organs don’t develop properly so they don’t get the chance to live a full life – even after rescue. I’m just happy to see farms like Changing Hearts Farm working actively to rescue and give animals a better life – A true forever home. 

The goats and sheep are adorable too! Daffy is just so sweet and gentle. This poor baby was mauled by a dog and left for dead until a kind soul contacted the farm for help. At that point she was rushed to an emergency vet and then transferred over to the North Carolina State University School of Veterinary Medicine where she was brought back to health slowly but surely. Thank God. In looking at her you would never think she’d been through such a horrific experience. It’s amazing what a little love, kindness and compassion can do for the soul. 

It was such a nice day at the farm and so therapeutic. We had a great time! 

I loved connecting with the rescue babies. Being around animals warms my heart and fills me with peace in so many ways. It’s something I’ve felt since childhood but sadly, because of the way I was taught and raised (like most of us are), I didn’t make the connection until I reached adulthood. Now, there is no way I would ever look back. 

Going vegan isn’t temporary, it’s living a lifestyle of love, kindness and compassion for life and respecting the life and rights of all animals just as you would your “pet” or children. They are not objects. They are highly intelligent and feel, hurt and fear just the same. 

Please consider transitioning to living vegan. It’s the best thing you can do for your health, the animals and the longevity of our planet for future generations. 🌱

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