Raw Vegan Chai Tea Chia Seed Pudding | Recipe

Ever since I can remember, coffee was my “go to” each morning without fail. And, for years, it would be my ‘go to’ throughout the day – all day long… It was insane!

I knew that I couldn’t keep trying to stay afloat on coffee so I cut back to just once a day in the morning. BUT… that once a day coffee was so strong, no one would dare touch it! lol

So the day I finally stopped drinking coffee it was one of the best feelings ever. This came not long after I had begun my transition into the raw vegan lifestyle. 

Not that I needed the caffeine anymore, I wanted to just have something that would give me a healthier caffeine boost. More so, out of habit than anything else. That is when I discovered chai tea and turned it into a healthy, nutritious pudding anyone would love!

This thick, creamy, savory, nourishing pudding will not only give you a caffeine boost, it will boost your energy and provide with an abundance of nutrients, vitamins with the chia seeds being an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Much needed in the vegetarian/vegan lifestyles.

This pudding is also rich in antioxidants and serves as a good source for fiber, iron,  calcium and potassium. 


Chai tea chia seed pudding


1 1/4 cups Three Trees Black Sesame milk
3 ½ tbsp raw chia seeds
2 tbsp Coconut Aminos
1 chopped pitted date
1 tsp loose leaf chai tea


1 small sliced banana
1 chopped pitted medjool date Drizzle of date syrup


– Combine all ingredients except the toppings in a glass mason jar.
– Cover and shake it up real well and stick it in the fridge.
– Let it sit overnight. When you’re ready to eat it the next day, add in the toppings, grab a spoon and dig in!😋

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