CBD Oil for Pets

Have you met Mr. Pooper yet? If you haven’t seen him in my Insta stories, continue reading to meet him here, as he so willingly allows me to photograph him for this post and to share his experience with CBD oil…


This sweet, handsome boy turned 10 in December, 2019 and is in excellent health considering his age but as with humans, aging is a process and can sometimes take a toll on our bodies. In Mr. Pooper’s case, his wonderful vet, Dr. Lauren Powers of Carolina Veterinary Specialists, says he may have some arthritic conditions developing which could potentially be affecting urinary processes. 

Let’s backtrack a bit… 

I originally took Pooper in to see Dr. Powers last year (aside from his routine checkups) for concerns I had about him no longer wanting to go in his litter box. Instead, he’s been peeing and pooping all over his bedding. 

At first, I thought it might be stubbornness (because this little guy can be stubborn and is beyond spoiled!) or maybe just rebelling when I leave the house. But he was not only giving off this behavior on occasion, he was now doing it all the time and I couldn’t understand why. 

So, I decided to take a holistic approach to helping him heal or at least feel less pain if pain is what he’s experiencing by getting him on CBD Oil for Pets. 

He is such a trooper. One week in and he seems to be doing better. When I say better, I mean he was not only choosing to avoid his litter box, he would have trouble running and jumping but now he seems to be inclined to binky again and run the bunny 500’s! 

Okay, maybe not to that extreme, because he is getting older, but he is moving better and gives me a binky or two in the mornings when I break out his Oxbow supplements, his CBD oil banana treat and Pet Select Vita-Licious Essentials which he LOVES. Wish I could catch it on video but with bunny’s, it’s not that easy. They just jump with excitement when you least expect it!

As far as not going in his box, it could still very well be behavior he’s chosen to stick with as he is a stubborn one and chooses to use it when he feels like it. Bunny’s tend to get comfortable, do not like change and are very habitual beings. So, as we all know, habits are hard to break.

Especially for spoiled bunny’s!

If you choose to use CBD oil for your pet, be sure you do your research first as I did with CBD Pure. Our pet’s health is just as important as our own.❤️

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