7 Best Self-Care Boxes to Boost Your Mental Health 2021

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While there is no magic wand to wave that will magically heal your mind, there are alternative options that will most certainly put you on the path to recovery and healing. I’ve learned through my own experience and self-healing journey that the best way to make a comeback is to shift your focus onto your well-being by implementing self-care practices that inspire, boost self-love, build habit and create wellness all around you. 

Make self-care a daily practice that becomes second nature and you’ll begin to see yourself thriving mind and body. 

These 7 self-care boxes make a perfect start – 

THERABOX – SELF-CARE SUBSCRIPTION BOX // Price starts at $30.99 per month // Each box includes inspirational activities to stimulate the brain to feel joy and wellness essentials to help reduce stress and anxiety for a brighter outlook on life. This box is intended to uplift and inspire with every product that fuels your mind, body and spirit.

HOPEBOX – CARE FOR YOUR BODY, HEART AND SOUL // Price starts at $50.99 per month // Each Box is filled with inspiration from artisans who come with their own story of hope. They’ve carefully curated the items in this box to include books, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, snuggle buds, organic soaks, scrubs, masks, and more. It’s a nice reminder that we all have our moments and hope is always in our hearts. 

GODDESS PROVISIONSPrice starts at $27.75 per month // Each Box includes a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks and tools to cultivate spiritual growth and help you tap into your inner goddess.

THE MENTAL WEALTH BOX – MENTAL HEALTH, SELF-CARE SUBSCRIPTION BOX // Price starts at $44.95 per month. // Each box includes 4-5 items that provide knowledge, tools and activities to help navigate and better understand the mental health topics of Anxiety, PTSD and Depression. 

MY GARDEN BOX // Price starts at $35.50 per month // Each box includes a variety of indoor and outdoor plants with everything you need to cultivate your own personal magical garden. This includes visually illustrated instructions, garden care tips, and more to make it an enjoyable and relaxing experience. 

ONCE UPON A BOOK CLUB BOX // Price starts at $32.50 per month // Each box includes a newly released book and 3-5 wrapped gifts that are labeled with page numbers. As you read, you’ll be directed to open the gifts at the most important moments to bring the book to life! For an interactive experience.

SPARKLE HUSTLE GROW // Price starts at $41.20 for a full box per month // Each box comes filled with business tools for female entrepreneurs which is an awesome box for business inspo. I know how lonely the entrepreneurial journey can be and any inspirational resource is welcome! This box includes monthly books, business training, office supplies and tech tools with the intention of helping you grow your business. It doesn’t fall in the same category as the other self-care boxes but it’s one of my favorites because as an entrepreneur myself, having essential tools and resources to keep going plays a big role in keeping motivated and prioritizing our mental health. Without it, we are nothing.

Save $10 off your purchase of $50 or more between January 9th to the 14th on any box found in the best of  2020 collection.

Each of these boxes have been named the best of 2020 including the Sparkle Hustle Grow box and with good reason. I encourage you to explore each one and remember that it’s never too late to make yourself the priority and treat yourself the queen that you are. The time to do YOU is now. 


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