My Favorites From the Barefoot Dreams Disney Collection

I have been a Disney fan from the moment I stepped foot in the Magic Kingdom for the first time. I was 13 when I first went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL and I’ll never forget… I was still carrying my cabbage patch kid around with me! Lol. Long gone are the days when children are actually children. Makes me sad but that’s another blog post. 

Disney is a place to connect with your inner child and leave all your worries behind. I know it’s gotten pricey but trust me, it’s totally worth it. Think of it as paying for therapy because that’s exactly what it is. We can grow and evolve physically but we don’t ever have to stop being child-like. In fact, I encourage you to be as much of a child as you can. It sparks creativity, joy, kindness, compassion, love, inspiration and magic! There’s no better way to live life than that, if you ask me. 

I started taking my daughter to Disney at the age of 4. Something every child should experience. Just like me, it became her most magical place to be from that point on. We’ve been visiting Disney every year since and to this day, it never gets old. We absolutely LOVE it which is why when I learned that Barefoot Dreams came out with their Disney Collection, I was ecstatic to share it!

If you’ve never heard of Barefoot Dreams, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s one of the softest, comfiest and coziest brands for loungewear, apparel and blankets you’ll ever try. You’ll fall in love with the quality of their products. Makes you want to live in them! And if that doesn’t make them amazing, their foundation is built on love, compassion and family. 

Being a HUGE fan of Disney, I’m in love with their Disney Collection. They have something soft and cozy for everyone – Women, men, the kiddos, babies and even your doggie. I’m all about soft and cozy. Especially in the winter time! 

Loungewear is obviously the #1 go-to these days with early curfews, stay at home orders and lockdowns still in place across the globe so why not make the best of it? My favorites are the Minnie Mouse Joggers, hoodie, sock set and cozy throw. They’re perfect for staying in or just a casual, low key, social distanced, game night! 

The Disney Frozen Hooded Robe and Mickey Mouse sweater are cute too and if Melissa was still a little bitty, I’d get us both the Disney Princess Pajama Set and the kids version for my mini so we can match! 🙂

Which one is your fave if you can pick one? They’re all just so darn cute. Let me know in the comments! 


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