Are you among the living or among the walking dead?

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Sandra Campillo

We live our lives as if we have time – continuously putting things off for tomorrow as if we are certain that tomorrow will come.

We don’t see itor feel it but for some reason think and believe it.  So, why not believe that we have the powerful ability to achieve our dreams and come alive?

We are living life like the walking dead and wandering through life aimlessly without realizing there is a power inside us longing to break free.

FREE is how we were born live!

 “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

― Howard Thurman

So, what is it that makes you come alive?

I speak to hundreds of people on a weekly basis and get asked what I do all the time. When I tell them that I quit my corporate job to pursue my dreams as a lifestyle entrepreneur, they light up as if they wish it were them and cheer me on.

When they ask me why?  I say, I couldn’t keep living a life where I wasn’t stimulated, growing or living at my full potential. I couldn’t keep trading valuable time for money, being used, taken advantage of, restricted and limited.

I was being pulled for more and needed to feel alive again.  I have always known I was meant for more, to be more and become more but I fell into the trap of what others felt I needed to do.  As if it was everyone else’s decision to make.

I was dead inside… I was among the walking dead.

“It is what it is” was my most spoken phrase…

… sang the “Same shit, different day” song

… was a part of the “Thank God it’s Friday club”

… and chimed into the “Monday’s suck” network

I was a sinking ship and didn’t even know it!

It was time… time to find my happy, my drive, my passion.  I needed to feel alive again.  I began living for ME and embarked on a journey that would forever change my life.  There is no greater feeling than the feeling of knowing…

I AM no longer a victim, I’m a victor.

I AM transforming lives instead disarming mine.

I AM stepping into my power every day instead of giving it away.

I AM making an impact with every breath I take instead of holding back.

I AM helping others get unstuck and align with their purpose, just as I have.

I AM empowering others to live life on their terms and create a life they truly love and deserve; because we all deserve to live a life we love.

I AM challenging others to their full potential as I have challenged myself.

I AM helping others break through barriers, just as I have learned to do.

I AM inspiring others to become who they were born to be!

THAT is what makes me come alive.

So, let me ask you…

What is it that makes YOU come alive?

We only have one life and one chance to get it right. Waiting for a day that may never come is like saying, I’m not important enough.  I’m not good enough.  My dreams don’t matter.  What I desire, doesn’t count.

Find what makes you come alive and go do it.  Do what fuels your soul and lights you up. Stay connected with your inner self and know that your greatest guide is the one that lies within.



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