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This winter weather has got me dreaming of my next vacay somewhere in the tropics where it’s nice and warm… And SUNNY!! It’s been rainy days here in the Carolina’s so I decided to round up some of my top travel essentials to inspire my next trip (and yours!) to paradise… All from the one and only Amazon!

If you decide to take it overseas, I would highly recommend taking a universal power adapter with you, because you’ll need it. This way you can charge your electronic devices without a problem.

Another charger you may want to invest in which I think is pretty cool is a solar charger. This one comes in handy when you’re out and about exploring. Makes a perfect quick charge option when your phone is out of juice! I know this has happened to me many times and I’ve been left hunting for a charger no where to be found because the one you have is out of charge. It’s what usually happens when you need something NOW. Lol.

Make sure you take your backpack with you though, so you can let it charge under the sun while you walk and do your thing if you’re outdoors. This is one thing I don’t ever leave home without… My backpack! It comes in handy to carry all the essentials you need like your sanitizing wipes, deodorant (you never know when you’ll need it!), sunscreen, and your Larabars which make a perfect snack on the go. 

Another essential that I never leave home without whenever I go anywhere period, are my slippers. These are an absolute must-pack! You just never know where you’re stepping and I am sure that the floors are not disinfected from all the foot traffic that goes in and out of them. Just sayin’! Lol. 

There is just so much to think about before you travel that you don’t want to miss a thing. Because once you’re off, you’re off and there’s no turning back. So you want to make sure you have all your bases covered. 

I would suggest creating a checklist of all the things you’re going to need that you know you can’t live without. Especially, if you’re going on a long trip and you’re not a light traveler like me. Which means, I have to travel with a large suitcase, a duffle bag and packing cubes to make sure I’m able to fit everything I want in. And these are only a few… There’s just too much to list!

Here’s a really cool travel checklist tool you can use or use this one from SmarterTravel. You can also find some done-for-you options over on Etsy. There are plenty to choose from there. 

Either way, a checklist is a ‘can’t do without’ when you’re traveling whether it’s a short trip or a long trip. It’s a great way to make sure you’ve got everything covered from top to bottom!

What is one Amazon travel essential you can’t leave home without? Let me know in the comments below!

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