17 Fall Hiking Essentials

Fall is my favorite time of year! It’s the time of year where you can take advantage of the outdoors and not have to worry about breaking into a sweat the minute you walk out the door because it’s so hot and humid. It’s the perfect sweater and boots weather! Don’t you think?

It’s all about waking up to cool crisp mornings, bonfires, pumpkin everything, seeing the leaves change to bright orange, yellow and reds and best of all, hitting the hiking trails!

I just LOVE hiking in the Fall! Here in the Carolina’s the Blue Ridge Mountains are gorgeous this time of year and if you’ve never been on the Blue Ridge Parkway or visited Asheville, I highly recommend it. Hoping to make it out there soon and sharing some pics with you.

In the meantime, here are some Fall hiking essentials to get you fully equipped on your outdoor nature hikes this season!

1. Champion embroidered backback

One thing I never leave home without when I go hiking is my backpack. This is an absolute must.  It comes in handy for carrying snacks, food, a sweater, your water bottle, first aid kit or for stashing away anything you don’t want to carry in your hands. 

Customizable embroidery at no extra charge. 

2. Thorlo unisex padded hiking sock

These are essential for comfortability, to prevent blisters and for retaining moisture. One thing I learned when I first started out hiking is to wear comfy shoes and socks or trust me, you will regret it. Hiking should be fun and enjoyable. It’s a time of connection with yourself and nature. Why have to stop if you don’t need to?

Aim for a comfortable hike so you don’t have to cut it short because of blisters or hurting feet. This way you don’t regret it. 

3. Merrell flex 2 mid gore-tex women’s hiking boots

A flexible, breathable, waterproof, tear resistant, over-the-ankle (for support) type of hiking boot is ideal. Good hiking boots will last you for years and ensure you have a smoother, well-worth it, hiking adventure. 

These women’s boots are vegan with features that support a comfortable, yet active hike. In my hiking experience, I feel the type of shoes you wear are highly essential and will either make or break your hike. 

4. Emgraved brass touch tool

Open doors, push buttons, and pull objects with this engraved brass touch tool—it’s designed to help you avoid touching commonly used surfaces and limit the spread of germs. Attach this handy tool to your keyring for easy access on the go. 

This tool comes in handy at all times whether you’re out hiking or need to make a bathroom stop – especially when using a port-a-potty. It also comes in handy at gas stops on the way or a food stop on the way home.

Customizable at no extra charge. 

5. Sweatshirt hoodie

Makes a perfect Fall hike partner! If you’re hiking up in the mountains – high or low – having a hoodie is essential for keeping warm without having to carry or wear a bulky jacket. It’s fleece fabric comfy and soft enough to fold up into your backpack to keep handy or stash away as your warm up on your hike.

Not a hiker, no worries! It’s still a great match for bonfire nights or even just a walk in the neighborhood spreading kindness without even saying a word! 😉

6. Distressed dad hat

What’s a hike without a hat?! They make a perfect addition to your hiking essentials. I personally like wearing hats whether I’m hiking, biking (under my helmet) or exercising. It keeps my hair out of my face and makes for a much more comfortable workout or outdoor activity. 

When you’re hiking, it’s just the right amount of coverage for warmth and protection from being stuck by a tree branch!

This hat has a slightly distressed brim and crown fabric, it’ll add just the right amount of edge to your look.

Customizable at no extra charge.

7. Triple Tree vacuum insulated ss water bottle

This is one thing I don’t leave home without when I’m going for a hike or workout. A water bottle is an absolute must to keep hydrated. Hydration is extremely important when you’re in the outdoors no matter what activity you’re doing. It’s easy for your body to become dehydrated without even the slightest warning so be smart and make sure you have water on you at all times to stay hydrated. Especially when hiking or exercising. 

This particular water bottle is easy to carry with it’s large handle or you can just stick it in your backpack. It’s eco-friendly stainless steel and vacuum insulated construction will keep your water cold (or any warm beverage hot) for up to 24 hours. 

8. 3-tier stainless steel lunchbox with spork

One of the best ways to enjoy a hike is when you can turn it into a day trip. This way you can enjoy the outdoors to its fullest. But with that, taking food with you is essential so that you don’t have to cut your trip short because of hunger. And if you’re like me and love a strenuous hike, even a short one will strike up a good appetite. Be sure you go prepared and pack up some good lunches and snacks. 

This stainless steel, sustainable, and eco-friendly, 3-tier bento box is leak proof and ideal for food storage and keeping it fresh. It also comes with bonus stainless steel spork and life time warranty.

9. Long sleeve tee

With Fall comes cool weather; with even colder weather closer to the mountains so having a long sleeve shirt is ideal to stay warm and comfy throughout your hike or any outdoor adventure. 

Very dear to my heart, the quote on this shirt reads: “When I look into the eyes of an animal, I see a living being, who breathes the same air I breathe; I see a friend with the great willingness to love unconditionally; I feel a soul, with a heart beat just like mine.” – Sandra Campillo

10. Champion embroidered packable jacket

The way the weather has been, I think we can agree it’s been unpredictable. So whether you’re making it a day trip or a weekend trip with outdoor fun, be prepared for any outcome and pack a waterproof jacket to go!

This Champion packable jacket is a wind and rain resistant polyester jacket with a detailed embroidery design. It also has a practical hood, front kangaroo pocket, and zipped pouch pocket which you can pull out and use to scrunch the jacket into for convenient storage. That’s when your backpack comes in handy!

Customizable at no extra charge.

11. Recycled tee

This tee is made from 100% recycled fabric makes a perfect soft and breathable layer to your hoodie or long sleeved shirt for cooler temps. 

Customizable at no extra charge. 

12. Silicone eco-friendly storage bags

These eco-friendly, zero-waste, sustainable silicone storage bags are a perfect option to take with you on any trip and helps to keep the trails free and clear of accidentally dropping or leaving plastic baggies behind. It’s easy to carry in your backpack and with the varying sizes you can pack all kinds of snacks to take along.

13. Nomadik Wellness on the go

This Wellness on the Go box from Nomadik is a great addition to any hiking trip. Whether your an avid hiker or a beginner exploring the outdoors, having essentials like this on hand helps to be prepared for the unexpected.

This waterproof wash bag is equipped with a pocket sleeve and one main compartment. It also comes with an Active Skin Repair Spray and Green Good Biodegradable Soap. It’s got plenty of room to add in your antibacterial gel and small first aid kit because you can never be too prepared!

14. Stainless steel eco-friendly bento box

This 3-tier, 100% stainless steel bento box is large in size and fits a good amount of food. It’s eco and environmentally friendly and also comes with a warranty so you can return it if you don’t like it but I’m sure you will! 😉 It’s perfect for taking with you on a day hike, a camping trip or any outdoor adventure. It’s just the right size too!

15. Beeswax eco-friendly food wrap 5-pk

These reusable, eco-friendly, zero waste Beeswax food wraps make it easy to wrap food if you’re looking for something less bulky to stick in your backpack. It’s a nice alternative to plastic bags. Use them to pack lunches for your hike, work or for use on just about any occasion. These cute wraps are totally versatile.

I suggest taking a small trash bag with you to throw these in after using to keep things clean and tidy. 😉 

16. 18-pc reusable food storage pack

This zero-waste, eco-friendly pack is perfect for all your storage needs. All are reusable and easy to clean. The beeswax wraps and storage bags come in handy for sandwiches and snacks. The silicone lids work great as covering on melons or any topless glassware. These are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

17. Organic vegan trail snacks

Prana Organic snacks are some of the best, nutritious and cleanest snacks you’ll find. These are a must have on your hike and make perfect, deliciously tasting snacks for energy which is much needed to stay pumped on your outdoor adventures or any outdoor activity for that matter. Use your reusable storage bags to take these babies along!

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