63 Self-Love Affirmation Cards

Affirmations have been transformational in my life and now I want to share them with you in the form of printable cards so that they too can help you when you need them. We all need these simple reminders from time to time. Some days more than others.

Over the years I’ve had so many people come to me for help in different areas from health to wellness to life inspiration and now I want to put it all out there so you can have your own “go to” resource center readily available for when you need it. 

A big one has been the topic of “self-love” so I’ve started it off with my 63 Affirmation Cards for Self-Love. These are perfect for daily reminders whether you feel you need them or not; they truly come in handy for enhancing your thoughts or pulling you through a mental rut. 

Coming from a self-confident person who loves herself unconditionally and is always in a happy state of mind, these are all affirmations I’ve used and continue to use every day. These are what have helped me pull through some of my most toughest times and borderline depression in the past. 

Affirmations are extremely powerful and work when you start to believe and feel them. Which is why expressing them daily – Morning, noon and night – is critical to their success. It’s OK if you don’t believe what you are saying in the beginning. It’s the daily practice of them, over time, that leads to power of belief and feeling. 

How long does it take? You might ask. 

It depends on your openness and level of patience. It could be days, it could be weeks but focusing on “how long” won’t get you there. Focusing on that which makes you “feel good” will along with repetitive action. Meaning, repeating the affirmations every single day without fail.

Consistency is key. Remember that. 

What I love about printables is that they are easily accessible at any time and can be downloaded right from your printer. The best part? No shipping charges. It’s a win-win! 

Don’t have a printer? 

Do like I do and use the printer in your apartment community or go to the leasing office and ask them to print it for you. Another option is to go to Office Depot after you’ve saved it to your USB drive to print it out. One of the ones I use is this one and it works great. 

Right now, all I have are the affirmation cards but more are coming soon. At some point, I will be converting these into a physical deck of cards but for now, this is a perfect start to get you going now! 

I’m so excited to share more. It is my intention to inspire you to a healthy, happy, and compassionate way of life. After all, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

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