6 Ways to Alkalize Your Body for Optimal Health

Toxic build up aka acidity is commonly known as having unhealthy eating habits. Generally, referring to the toxicity that comes from poor nutrition.  

The fact is, you are continuously surrounded by toxins at every turn and unhealthy eating habits is just a small portion of it. How you live your life is a major contributing factor to the pH balance in your body.

In order for your body to thrive and steer clear of illness and disease, it must maintain a healthy pH balance.

  • Normal blood pH would be 7.4
  • Normal saliva pH would be 6.5 to 7.0

You don’t want to fall below the normal acidity range but you also don’t want to be too alkaline.  Keeping your acid/alkaline levels at a healthy pH balance is key. In-home test strips make it easy for you to stay on top of your body’s acidity levels.  In fact, I highly recommend it.  

If you know you are not abiding by true healthful living practices, then I suggest constantly checking your acid/alkaline levels (pH balance). 

The importance of maintaining an acid/alkaline pH balance in the body is not anything new and has been around for decades.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. In other words, the primary cause of cancer is acidity of the human body. – (NCBI)

Here are 6 easy ways to alkalize your body – 

1) Improve Eating Habits: Increase your consumption of fresh, raw fruits and veggies with minimal nuts and seeds. If cooked foods are what you eat, then at least incorporate a large raw food portion to go with your meal for a healthy pH acid/alkaline balance.

2) Practice Proper Food Combining: Eat foods (cooked or raw) in the right food combinations for optimal digestion. Consuming foods in poor food combinations leads to digestive issues and the development of disease.

3) Eliminate Toxic Stimulants: Smoking or any kind of drugs or stimulants, including caffeine greatly increase the acidity levels in your body.

4) Eliminate Toxic Beverages: Consumption of alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee or tea are also major role players in acidifying the body’s already acidic state.  Increasing the consumption of clean, pure distilled water instead (preferably consumed from fruits and vegetables), will cleanse the body and balance acidity levels.

5) Increase Exercise, Rest, and Sleep: Lack of exercise and insufficient rest & sleep all cause toxins to build up and acidity levels to rise.  Daily exercise, plenty of rest, and a sufficient amount of sleep will help reduce the acidity in the body and improve overall vitality.

6) Reduce Stressors: Negative emotions such as sustained stress, anger, or fear are also culprits of toxic build up and an acid/alkaline imbalance.  Practice positivity in all that you do, think and speak.  Doing so will help reduce the stress overload of negative emotions and begin to alkalize your body.

Your body is an extremely powerful piece of machinery.  It has the ability to heal from the inside out given the proper care and fuel.  Just like a car. If you don’t give your car consistent oil changes or the care it requires, it will eventually malfunction and stop running.

The same goes for your body. Give your body the care it requires for it to thrive and you will live a long life of optimal health and vitality.

Being conscious of the unnatural sources that overwhelms the body and taking action towards reducing them, will begin to steer you in the direction of living a healthful lifestyle.

The best way to go about doing this rather than falling prey to commercialized products claiming to be “superfoods” or “miracle healers”, focus on true healing by applying healthful living practices and incorporating the real superfoods of fresh, organic, raw, living foods.

What you put in your body, is what you will get out of it. Garbage in garbage out!

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