3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Weight-Loss

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So many people focus on losing weight and what they need to cut back or remove in order to shed those 10, 15, 20 plus pounds.  That stubborn fat that just won’t go away.  If you can relate, you’ll want to continue reading…

What happens when the focus is on weight-loss?

Everything begins to revolve around what you look like, how others look at you, counting calories, counting macros, FOOD.  And food, is the last thing you want to make it about.  It’s easy to get emotionally tied to food.  Our emotional relationship with food is a BIG problem when it comes to weight-loss.  It’s a negative approach that becomes all about dieting versus the overall picture which involves making positive lifestyle changes.

Here are 3 reasons why focusing on losing weight is not a good idea…

Losing Weight = Happiness.  Not so much!  A lot of the times we focus on losing weight because we think looking like the next top model will bring us happiness or maybe, help us land the guy or gal we have the hots for.  When we focus on weight-loss alone, we end up complicating our health and our lives even more because chances are, the root of the problem is not really weight loss, it’s something else.  Something that goes deeper than just losing weight and not targeting the problem at its source, will only lead to misery, not happiness.

So, ask yourself the question, “Am I really looking to lose weight (for myself) and get healthy or am I trying to lose weight for all the wrong reasons?”  Get to the root of the problem and create health all around you.  When you do that, I promise, you will find your happiness in all areas of your life but most importantly, within yourself.

It’s a Negative Goal.  Remember, what we focus on, expands so if you focus on something negative, like what you have to take away or remove because it makes you unhappy, you are focused on unhappy thoughts, a negative feeling.  In turn, you will get more of that feeling.  The goal should be to focus on a positive feeling.  One that makes you feel good.

So, instead of making weight loss the center of your attention because your miserable being overweight (whatever your definition of overweight is), make being happy the center of your attention by focusing on what you can do that makes YOU (not everyone else) feel good.

Ask yourself the question, “What can I incorporate to create health in my life and in turn, will shed the weight naturally?”  If you enjoy the outdoors, maybe getting outside for a hike or bike ride will make you feel good.  I know whenever I’m out in nature, I have a completely different outlook and I feel great.  It’s mother’s nature’s way of giving us free therapy. Take advantage of it!

Dieting for Rapid Weight Loss.  When we focus solely on dieting, we tend to try all kinds of diets and don’t hesitate to jump on the new diet trend or fad that comes along.  Losing weight becomes a dietary “fashion” statement.  After all, the new trend will help us reach our weight loss goal much faster, right? Wrong! Hate to break it to ya but diets don’t work

There are a ton of diets and strategies for losing weight plastered all over the internet.  I’m sure you’ve seen them.  All you have to do is google and you’ll find a long list of options. I’ll be the first to admit, Google and the internet are very powerful, useful tools, but not when it comes to reaching successful health goals.  Your health and life are worth more than just a googled response, don’t you think? Investing in your health, is the greatest investment you will ever make.  Do whatever it takes because when you do, successful results are reached.

Focusing on diets and strategies (diet pills, fads, products, etc.…) for losing weight while neglecting all other areas of your life that need and require your attention in order to truly be healthy, is like playing Russian roulette with your health and your life.  Diets are a great way to create unhealthy habits, recurring health complications, fluctuating unhealthy weight, and set yourself up for failure.  The list goes on…

The ultimate goal should be to focus on the overall picture and creating healthy habits in all areas of your life.  After all…

It’s a LIFESTYLE, not just a diet.

My advice to you… Focus on the big picture (making positive lifestyle changes) and operate from a place of feeling good at all times.  I promise, everything else will fall into place in perfect order.

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Until the next one!

Love, peace, and healthy weight loss,
Sandra xo

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