20 Journal Prompts for Wellness in 2020

It’s that time of year again where we tend to overwhelm ourselves with a laundry list of resolutions that quickly dwindle away 2 weeks in. Whether it be around health, money, finances, weight loss, nutrition, relationships or life in general, resolutions are not miracles and do not generate results, your peace of mind, conscious thought and the way you choose to live your life does. 

So, instead of starting off the year with resolutions and goals that you expect to reach overnight or in the month of January because it’s a New Year and fresh start, I challenge you shift your expectations toward what will truly get you results. This begins with making time for YOU and doing some soul searching. 

A perfect way to fuel your soul and get those feel-good, high vibing energy juices flowing, is by journaling and simply just putting to paper your thoughts, dreams and vision for yourself so that you can generate the happiness, love and dreams you deserve. 

Here are 20 journal prompts to help get you started…

  1. Where would you like to travel to? This can be anywhere your heart desires!

  2. What can you do to grow spiritually and more connected to your internal self? Possibly, connect with a group in your church, center of spirituality or even search for an uplifting meetup group on meetup.com to find other like minded individuals to connect with on a similar journey. Remember, the stronger your spiritual connection, the more conscious you become in making better choices and decisions for your life.

  3. What are 3 healthy lifestyle choices you can make?

  4. How will your life be different this year? Are there some big shifts you’d like to make?

  5. What would you like to stay the same? Are there areas in your life you’re already really happy with and don’t want to change? (Remember, any changes you desire for yourself must be about YOU, not anyone else.)

  6. What 5 goals would you like to accomplish in the New Year? How will you make space/time to honor these goals?

  7. Who would you like to bless in the New Year? Try to list 3-7 people that you’d love to see shine! (What you give out, comes back to you ten-fold!)

  8. What would you like to let go of and leave in your past? Maybe an old relationship that’s dragging you down or a self-serving friendship that’s sucking your energy dry. Remember, YOU come first and the past is the past. It has no business in the present.

  9. What self-development or wellness books will you read in 2020 that will help propel you forward both nutritionally and emotionally? I’ve got some great ones listed here.

  10.  List anyone you are holding back from forgiving and work on forgiving them. It’s not about them, it’s about you and letting go of the build-up that is weighing you down. If not, consciously, subconsciously. Trust me, it’s the greatest most uplifting feeling ever!

  11. Are you consuming negative content online, social media or TV? What can you do to limit your exposure to this type of content in the upcoming year?

  12. What charities or organizations would you like to donate to in the coming months? Donate in whatever way works for you. You can donate your time, energy, money, or skills. They all count!

  13. What self-limiting beliefs will let go of in the New Year? A self-limiting belief keeps you stuck where you are (e.g. thinking: I’m horrible with money, I don’t have talent or skills of value, I’ll never lose the weight or get fit, I stuck at a job I don’t like and will never be able to do work I love – it’s not possible for me).

  14. What new mantra will you use to replace a self-limiting belief? For example, I handle my money wisely, I have gifts and talents unique to me, I am a talented writer, chef, musician, etc., I am smart and have the ability to create work I love.

  15. Are there new wellness routines you’d like to establish? Think about toxic habits you’d like to replace with healthier ones that will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. For example, replacing fast food or take-out with home cooked or prepared meals, changing up your workout regimen so that you don’t get bored with the same ole’, same ole’. Maybe getting a Groupon to try out a local yoga or fitness studio that will boost your motivation.

  16. What makes you happy and sets your soul on fire? How will you fit MORE of it into your daily life?

  17. If you had to pick one word, to sum up the past year, what word would you choose? Describe why you chose that word.

  18. What one word would you choose to be your anchor for the upcoming year? What does living out this word look like to you?

  19. How will you use your word of the year to shape your decisions in the weeks to come?

  20. Where will you display your word of the year so you’ll see it often and be reminded to shift your attention and focus on it?

You hold the pen. Re-write your story however you’d like. It’s not set in stone so you can change it at any time. Start by visualizing what you want your life to look like in the areas of health, wellness, fitness, relationships, money, spirituality and use that vision to shape it as you move forward in 2020 – one goal at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time. 

The key to living your best life is to always operate from a place of feeling good and doing what you love, in whatever shape or form that is for you. 

Make this year and decade count. I believe in you!

Cheers to the roarin’ 20’s!🍷

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