16 Must Haves for Your Disney Park Vacation

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Growing up in Florida, Disney has always been my favorite ‘staycation’ so I’ve learned a thing or two about taking Disney trips. Especially with a child. Melissa and I are long time Disney fans! 

I’ve been going to Disney ever since I was a kid. Of course my mom took care of everything then. But now, as an adult, it was my turn to do the packing – for myself and my daughter. Melissa and I have been taking Disney trips for years and if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that you have to go fully prepared! 

You will notice that we LOVE all things Disney when we visit the Disney parks. 🙂 

For starters, you’ll need a backpack. I never go on a trip without one, period. I can’t tell you how many times this has been a life saver. And how cute is this Disney backpack? You can find some really cute ones online at Vera Bradley and the Disney Store – One of my favorite places to shop for all things Disney! A backpack cooler is another option in case you want to take fruit for hydration, snacks or sandwiches.  

Amazon also has some backpack options to choose from which you can find here

A rain poncho will be essential at Disney. There’s never been a time where we’ve gone to Disney and it hasn’t downpoured out of nowhere. Trust me, you’ll want to have one on hand because the rain will come down when you least expect it. It’s a Florida thing! Lol. It won’t last for too long but it will come. Generally making its way through in the afternoon. It’ll be a quick rainshower, sometimes longer so go prepared. 

Disney also has some cute rain ponchos for the littles and even the baby if you decide to take the little one with you. 

Depending on what time of year you plan your trip around, you’ll want to pack up cooling towels and a mini handheld fan. Trust me, it gets hot! Especially during summer. The humidity in Florida is super high so you’ll definitely want to have one ready to go. The good thing about this one is that it’s USB rechargeable so you can easily charge it on your portable battery charger

And with all the germs flying around, be sure to take hand sanitizer and sanitizing towelettes to sanitize on rides, in restaurants, bathrooms or where-ever you feel necessary. Stall Mates is another option for sanitizing the bathroom toilet area.

If you don’t like water, trust me, you’ll learn to love it quickly! Lol. It will be your best friend under the hot scorching sun which is why a good water bottle is essential in order to stay hydrated and keep your water cool (and clean!). I would suggest the Brita filter water bottle or the UV water bottle so that you can refill throughout the day. 

Just stop into any restaurant and ask for tap water. The last thing you want is to be drinking water from the park water fountains. It’s nasty! 

Although the mask restrictions have been lifted outdoors, you’ll still be required to wear a mask in certain areas. 

Per Disney World, “Face coverings are optional in outdoor common areas at Walt Disney World Resort, but are still required upon entering and throughout all attractions, theaters and transportation.”

I recommend using a breathable disposable mask which is what we use to make it easier to breathe and not feel claustrophobic. These have totally been a game changer. You can find some other cute ones here

Dressing for Disney

What’s Disney without your Disney top and ears? Dressing the part makes it all the more fun and if you have kids, you’ll want to get them Disney ready! 🙂 

The Minnie ears headband is a must and so is a Disney themed top. I have one similar to this one in heather red and I love it. I love the Disney inspo! 

You can find more styles over on Etsy here. Personally, I prefer wearing a tank top because I don’t like my shirt sticking to me when I sweat and you WILL sweat under that hot Florida sun but if you prefer a t-shirt, you can find some cute t-shirt styles here

If you’ve never been to Disney, be prepared to walk. It’s going to feel like a 3-day cardio workout all crammed up in one! Lol. 

If you go to Magic Kingdom, I would recommend getting a 2 or 3-day pass if you can so you can see it all and fully enjoy it without rushing. We usually get a one-day pass and it’s always a rush getting through the park. It becomes more of a speed walking marathon than a “casual, let’s enjoy and take in every moment” kinda time.

That being said, no matter what kind of pass you get, the shoes you wear are without a doubt crucial in truly enjoying your time so make sure they are comfortable. 

Allbirds makes a great shoe that would be a perfect wear for your walk (or sprint!) through Disney. Toms shoes are also another option. (these are Melissa’s preference)

Personally, I prefer to wear flip flops because I don’t like to have my feet enclosed under the hot sun. I’ve tried different kinds. The last time I wore a Nike memory foam padded type flip flop but they don’t sell them anymore. I’ve also gone in my Teva Mush flip flops and they’ve worked out fine. Just make sure they are comfy and you try them out before taking them to the park for an all day (and night) event. 

Whatever you choose to wear or walk in, just make sure to take frequent rest stops to hydrate and recharge. Walking the park or parks can be draining on the body and can cause serious dehydration if you don’t. 

For more info on parks, passes and lodging, visit the Walt Disney World Resort website here

Enjoy your trip and please come back and let me know how it goes! 🙂


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