10 Foods to Eat for Hydration

What exactly does “eat your way to hydration” mean?  It means that it doesn’t necessarily require 8-8oz glasses of water to hydrate your body; eating the right foods will do it for you.  When you eat high water content foods, you are not only feeding the body with the purest, most natural form of water available but you are also nourishing it with abundant nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  It’s a win-win!

With summer drawing near, what better way than to stay hydrated with delicious, mouth watering fruit.  Watermelons are a summer staple for this very reason. It’s time to dive into fruit!

Healthy, nourished, hydrated cells are the key to slowing down the aging process while providing us with vibrant looking skin and a healthy body in which to thrive.

Here are 10 foods to eat for hydration – 

Cucumber – As one of the top hydrating foods, cucumbers contain 96% pure water and are also top on the list for its high nutritional content. Cucumbers go well with just about any fruit or vegetable.

Celery – Alongside the cucumber, celery also tops the list with a whopping 96% pure water content and does not fall short of providing the body with high nutritional value.  Just like cucumber, celery also goes well with just about any fruit or vegetable. They are just both good like that!

Red Tomato – Yielding 94% pure water, red tomatoes are top on the list for its high water content value along with its green tomato counterpart. Tomatoes make a great combination with avocado and together fuel the body with abundant nourishment!

Spinach – In addition to being a highly nutrient-dense food, spinach provides us with 92% pure water content. Spinach goes great in smoothies or with any other fruit or vegetable and does the body a world of good!

Watermelon – Ahhh…. The refreshing taste of watermelon on a hot summer day is an absolute must! Don’t you agree? Watermelons make a great mono-meal and are thirst quenching with a high 92% pure water content making them a great summer/beach day hydrating treat!

Grapefruit – This citrus fruit contains 91% pure water content and makes a tasty and nutritious combination with oranges. Great for a refreshing morning juice jumpstart!

Cantaloupe – High in nutritional value and carotenoids, cantaloupe offers 90% pure water content.  Along with watermelon and other members of the melon family, cantaloupes are best eaten alone making them great for mono-meal eating and instant hydration.

Strawberries – An excellent source of antioxidants, strawberries contain 87% pure water content and go well with all kinds of berries making it a delicious, hydrating fruit bowl snack or meal!

Pineapple – Loaded with all kinds of nutritional goodness and abundant health benefits, pineapples yield a good 87% pure water content.  Pineapples also go well with fruits like papaya, kiwi and oranges providing the body with optimum hydration and nutrients.

Raspberries – Just like strawberries, raspberries are highly nutritious and yield a good 87% pure water content.  Raspberries go well with other berries and make a deliciously hydrating fruit meal!

All fruits and vegetables are amazing for hydration and provide the body with complete nourishment simultaneously. They are also best eaten raw in order to reap the abundant health rewards they are meant to provide.

The hot summer months will soon be approaching. Therefore, it is highly important to prepare for all outdoor activities. Dehydration is a culprit that sneaks up on us unexpectedly and can lead to extremely dangerous outcomes. It is most certainly not something to take lightly so be sure to hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE.

What’s your favorite summer fruit for hydration? 

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