Top 10 Healthful Living Practices for a Healthier You

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Before I learned what it truly meant to live a true, healthful lifestyle I used to think I was always doing things right.  I had the right “diet” going on, I was active and I exercised daily.  The funny thing is, I would think and ask myself, “Why am I not able to lose weight? I eat ‘healthy’ (so I thought)” or “Why am I always getting sick? I don’t understand.  I exercise and eat all the ‘right’ foods.  Am I not leading a healthy life?” Not so much.  Little did I know, I was so far from being right.  I thought a healthful life was built on a “healthy diet” and around exercise alone.  The truth is, there is so much more to living a healthful lifestyle than just nutrition and exercise.

Living a true healthful lifestyle is an overall lifestyle change and commitment, not a diet.

If you haven’t realized it yet, our bodies are in constant battle with the internal and external toxicity factors that surround it on a daily basis including the consumption of alcohol, daily smoking habits, air pollutants, lack of rest, lack of exercise, consumption of unhealthy foods, negative environment and much more.  Our bodies take a beating day in and day out creating a toxic environment and a long term damaging affect to our health as it continues to accumulate toxins throughout the years.  The good news is, our bodies have the very powerful ability to heal and change its course as long as it has not reached the stage of irreversible degeneration.  Just because you feel good today, does not mean you will feel good tomorrow.  Illness and disease develops over time and is not something that occurs overnight.  It is Toxemia in progression.

“No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.” – Deepak Chopra

To give you a better understanding of what it means to live a healthful lifestyle, I am going to share with you the healthful living practices that will put you on track towards optimal health, aid you in cleansing your body naturally and steer you towards healthful lifestyle changes.

Top 10 Healthful Living Practices

Cleanliness of the Body – External & Internal

  • External cleanliness means to keep the body and hair washed, your nails clean and your teeth brushed.  Self-explanatory right? Not always.  You’d be surprised!  What we put on our skin is absorbed instantly into the bloodstream within seconds.  This includes external pollutants and toxic chemicals such as lotions, soaps, perfumes, etc.

  • Internal cleanliness means to keep the bodily fluids and tissues pure and free of toxic build-up by avoiding energy draining habits and blood poisoning toxins. and by maintaining a high level of Nerve Energy reserve.  Be mindful of the external elements that make contact with your skin as these will quickly make their way into your body in an unhealthful way.  A clean body is a healthy body!

Pure Air Pure air is an essential nutrient.  Create a living environment that circulates, clean, fresh pure air throughout your home as best you can.  When we breathe in fresh, pure air, we energize our bodies and enhance our Nerve Energy reserve.  When the air we breathe is saturated with external pollutants, our Nerve Energy is reduced.  Take time to breathe deeply throughout the day and exhale slowly; preferably outdoors.  It’s a great practice not only for releasing toxins but also for releasing tension and stress.

Pure Water Much like pure air, pure water is also an essential nutrient and an absolute requirement for vibrant health.  Drinking pure water enhances our Nerve Energy supply as the body would not have to expend energy in an attempt to purify the water.  Because pure water is critical to bodily functions, it is important to ensure the purest form of water intake possible.  Incorporating raw fruits and vegetables into your life will do just that while providing you with optimal hydration and reducing the need for water intake all together.

Sufficient Rest, Relaxation and Sleep This is by far the most important healthful practice and the #1 means for restoring Nerve Energy.  Following are rest (naps or quiet alone time work great), fasting and meditation or prayer.  The more toxic your body is, the more sleep it requires.  Make time in your day to rest, relax and restore your body’s Nerve Energy with as little as a few minutes daily or as often as needed.

Properly-Combined Organic, Vegan, Raw Foods  Eating fresh, organic, vegan, whole, alive raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds in sufficient amounts and in proper food combinations while in a state of rest and emotional balance plays an essential role in restoring your Nerve Energy and leading a healthful, optimal way of life.

Sufficient Sunshine and Natural Light Ahh… Sunshine! Natural sunlight is a beautiful thing and essential to the human body.  There are 2 forms in which the body requires sunlight to be taken in:

  1. Exposure to the skin
  2. Exposure through the eyes

A good 20 minutes on each side, front and back, before 10:00am or after 3:00pm will greatly benefit your health by increasing your Nerve Energy and providing the entire body with the most natural, beneficial form of vitamin D.

Comfortable Temperatures  The body is a well designed masterpiece naturally maintaining a temperature of 98-99 degrees.  The body will let you know instantly when it is cold or hot.  It is important to listen to it and avoid overstressing it with exposure to extremely high or low temps.  Doing so will lead to drained Nerve Energy and the progression of Toxemia.  The key is to maintain the body at a comfortable temperature level at all times and adjusting to the body’s desired temps as needed.  If cold, warm up; if hot, cool down.  Simple as that!

Regular Exercise  You can have great nutrition but without regular exercise, it won’t do you any good.  Both exercise and nutrition go hand in hand.  You cannot engage in one without the other and expect to be healthy.  Regular exercise is an absolute necessity for optimal health and a great way to increase Nerve Energy.  Daily exercise should consist of weight training, cardio activity and stretching.  The key is to lengthen the muscles, sweat out the toxins and strengthen & build muscle.  Love and do right by your body and it will love & do right by you in return!

Emotional Balance  The balancing of emotions can be challenging at times and in the process can also put unnecessary strain on the body.  In order to reach a healthy state of emotional balance where we are free from addictions, have a great level of self-esteem, hold purposeful goals and feel a sense of worthiness in our lives, we must first work on purifying the mind and the body while improving its functions.  Freeing the body from all negative thoughts and behaviors and reaching a high level of calmness, peace, and self-love will not only lead to increased Nerve Energy but a great sense of emotional balance, stability, self-worth, sense of purpose and worthwhile goals.Feeling good about yourself and falling in love with yourself is a great way to overcome toxicity and kick those toxic habits to the curb!

Nurturing Relationships  Nurturing relationships are a very important part of our well-being and can take many different forms including ones we create with animals.  There are several types of relationships.  It is up to you to decide which ones are nurturing and of benefit to your health versus those that are not.  Relationships can be toxic, energy draining and just as detrimental to your health as a lifestyle consisting of poor nutrition.  Surround yourself by nurturing relationships that inspire you and lift you up; stay clear of the energy draining social destructive ones that make you feel bad or bring you down.  In doing so, you will be energizing your life in a healthy, positive way!By applying these healthful practices to your life,  you are not only cleansing & detoxing your body in the most healthful way on a daily basis,  improving nutrient absorption and assimilation,  you are restoring your Nerve Energy and increasing your reserves for optimal bodily function and a healthier YOU!

“If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.” Deepak Chopra

Juice cheers to an energy boosting life of all things wonderful! xo


Your Turn:  What are some of the ways you choose to create health & wellness in your life?  Share your comments below.  Would love to hear from you!

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