Raw Vegan Lifestyle VS. The SAD Diet

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Ever wonder why your body slows down through the years or why one moment you are bursting with energy while the next you are drained?  Most often I hear, “I’m getting old”, “Its just age” or “It must be the weather”.  We find all sorts of excuses as to why we feel the way we do and why our energy is so sluggish but never step back to acknowledge the real reasons WHY.

Nutrition is a huge part of the reasoning behind the rapid aging, body slowdown, energy crashing, emotional roller coaster that you often find yourself on and as time progresses you stay on.  Poor nutrition leads to all kinds of health and mental complications with the greatest problem in America today stemming from the abundant consumption of dairy, processed foods and animal products.  What does all this make up? The Standard American Diet (SAD).

“People of America! The greatest threat to the survival of you and your children is what you are going to eat from your dinner plate tonight!” – Dr. David Reuben

The Standard American Diet is comprised of all things unnatural and a major contributing factor to illness and disease.  The SAD is superior and high in fat, high in refined sugar, high in salt, high in chemicals, high in calories and high in toxicity.  It’s amazing at how high this diet is but funny that the only thing that is NOT is high in nutrition.

Negative: Illness and disease, mental health disorders, weight gain, energy drain & much more!

With a raw vegan lifestyle you are getting just that – a lifestyle, not a diet.  Its superiority is unbeatable and provides your body and life with results you never thought you’d see.  I know this because I’ve experienced it! I went from the SAD to living a Raw Vegan Lifestyle and the changes = PRICELESS. When you choose to live a raw vegan lifestyle you choose optimal health and you choose life.  A life full of energy , vitality and vibrance.  One that makes you feel alive and allows you the ability to do the things you enjoy in true Raw & Alive style!

Positive: Love, happiness, vitality, environmentally friendly, increased energy, weight loss, potential reversal of illness & disease and much, much more!

#ItsALifestyle   #NotADiet

In contrast, below is a breakdown of what you can expect living a Raw Vegan Lifestyle versus The SAD Diet and you can decide which one works best for you!

Raw Vegan Lifestyle      VS.      The SAD Diet

Raw Vegan Lifestyle 

  • Nutrition Sufficient
  • Wholesome & non-toxic
  • Encourages eating in moderation & a sense of satiation
  • Requires very little energy to digest, in turn conserving the body’s supply of Nerve Energy
  • Serves to eliminate “the food hangover” (toxification symptoms)
  • Promotes emotional balance
  • Increases energy, strength, endurance and promotes optimal athletic performance
  • Protects the body from illness and disease
  • Serves to rejuvinate the body & spirit 10-20 years or more!
  • Promotes the pursuit of happiness making it possible to live a longer and healthier life.

The SAD Diet

  • Nutrition deficient
  • Unwholesome & toxic
  • Encourages overeating & eating disorders
  • Requires maximum use of energy to digest, in turn depleting the body’s supply of Nerve Energy
  • Serves to impulsively boost the food hangover
  • Contributing factor to emotional unbalance
  • Depletes energy, strength and endurance
  • Impulsively intensifies acute & chronic disease as a result of depleted Nerve Energy*
  • Prematurely agest the body and spirit
  • Makes it extremely difficult to engage in the pursuit of happiness and promotes suffering and an early death.

Living a life of optimal health versus one that slowly and gradually destroys it, is worth any effort you can make towards making positive and sustainable lifestyle changes for a much healthier YOU.  You will find that your gains are so much greater than your losses.

YOU are worthy and YOU deserve it! 

Which do you choose? Share your thoughts and comments below!

Juice cheers to positive change & to living your very best life! xo

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