How to Detox Your Body the Healthy Way

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Do you find yourself feeling at a loss of energy and feeling tired more often than not? Maybe experiencing skin breakouts, rashes, aches, pains or digestive issues? Chances are your body is overwhelmed and suffocating from intoxication.  This is your body letting you know it is trying to push out the toxins that have been building up over time and signaling you that it is time to get rid of the crap and undergo a detox.  A healthy one!  With so many different options out there and all over the internet, how do we know which one is best for us and how do we get to a point of such intoxication?  To help you better understand the importance of a healthy detox, the effect toxins have on our bodies and what you can do to correct and eliminate them, I am going to break it down for you and include Raw & Alive healthy detox options to get you on your way!

When we undergo a healthy detox, the body will work hard to expel those toxins and create a healthy internal environment. How hard it works depends on the amount of toxic build-up in your body.  In order for the body to pave the way for a healthy comeback, it needs to push the toxins out and replace these toxins with nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order to begin restoring the body back to health.  A detox program which includes nourishing alive raw foods is the type of detox to consider when looking for a healthy detox program.  Engaging in an unhealthy detox by just paying attention to detoxing and not the replenishment of nutrients, is setting the body up for an open invitation to weaken its system and in turn leading it to potential health setbacks.

The key is to push toxins out and bring on the nutrients.

There are two ways the body develops toxicity and in which we automatically intoxicate ourselves with:  

Internal toxins (Toxins generated from elements within the body).

  • Metabolic waste, ongoing, toxic byproducts on the cellular level
  • Spent debris from cellular activity
  • Dead cells
  • Emotional and mental distress
  • Physical fatigue and distress

Note: The first 3 are unavoidable and physiologically necessary to maintain homeostasis.  Your job is to minimize them with healthful living practices in order to avoid high toxicity levels which aid in the body’s deterioration.

External toxins (Toxins generated from elements we bring into the body from outside).

  • Unnatural food and drink
  • Natural food deranged by cooking, refining and preserving
  • Poor food combinations that lead to internal toxins
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, herbal and supplemental drugs
  • Tobacco, alcohol and all other forms of recreational drugs
  • Environmental, commercial and industrial pollutants
  • Impure air and water

All external toxins can be corrected and eliminated with lifestyle changes and healthful living practices with the exception of certain medications and hormone replacements.

“Low energy is the result of toxic saturation of the bloodstream and tissues at the cellular level.  If the toxic over-load is not halted and reversed, Auto-Intoxication continues, progressing through The 7 Stages of Disease.  Although not every disease follows each stage, all diseases are an orderly progression from low energy levels to toxic saturation to pathological degeneration. The body descends easily into disease when conditions warrant and can climb back up into health when conditions justify.” – Dr. Shelton

You can choose to take the shortcut of attempting to clean your body out by using detox methods that are quick and easy OR you can choose to do right by your body and give it the proper care and nurturing it deserves by giving it a healthy cleaning for optimal results.  Keep in mind that quick and easy does not lead to a thorough and healthy detoxification and choosing these “shortcut” methods can lead to an unhealthy pay back in progression.

There are no true shortcuts to a healthy body.


The healthful way to correct and eliminate toxins from the body on a daily basis, is to take control and create a healthful lifestyle that will benefit and work with you rather than work against you.  A true healthful lifestyle should include the following healthful practices:

  • Alive raw, plant-based foods
  • Daily exercise
  • Plenty of rest
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Meditation

Keep in mind that detoxing is not only eating the right foods but it is also nourishing the body with the elements necessary to heal and bring it back to life.  It is a daily detox and lifestyle commitment.

Never underestimate the body’s potential. The body has the very powerful ability to heal given proper care and nourishment.  In order for the body to begin to heal and “clean house”, it is important that we free it from the daily work overload and abuse from internal and external elements and allow it to do its job in a healthful way.

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” – Buddha

Love your body, love your health, love your life and love yourself.  When you find the ability within to do all that, you will have acquired the ability to do much more.

Sending you big hugs and nourishing love xo,

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